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How can we chase justice while seeking wholeness? How can we find healing for both collective trauma and the personal toll of speaking truth to power?  Why is it important for the work of justice to be supported by mental health? 

Evil doesn’t stop, but we must. We’ve been going for two years without stopping. We’ve faced family loss, gaslighting at our jobs, graduating online, and so much pain.  We often feel overwhelmed by the injustice of the world and we just can’t seem to find a convenient time to consider the toll the last years have taken on our mental health. BIPOC communities in particular carry so much personal, communal, generational, and second hand trauma but have not seen professional help as an option towards wholeness. 

This winter’s Justice Masterclass series will help us to consider why we must find time to journey with people who are skilled in healing to support the work of justice.  Learn from the wisdom of therapists of color as they speak from both their expertise and personal experience. 

Our faculty will include Dr. Peace Amadi, Psy D, author of Why Do I Feel Like This?; and Wendell Moss, LMHC, Licensed Therapist and staff at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology’s Allender Center.

Register below for this online event on Thursday February 24th, 7pm CDT.

This Masterclass is free, but if you would like to donate to the work of Chasing Justice as we center the voices of people of color, click here!


Mental Health Expert Dr. Peace Amadi, PsyD, is a professor, author, TEDx speaker and trauma-informed coach who helps people heal and lead. From leaders, entrepreneurs, and content creators to pastors, parents, and educators, Dr. Peace is a coach and cheerleader to the people in our lives that everyone goes to. She is the Author of Why Do I Feel Like This? which hit #1 on Amazon’s New Releases in Mental Health. She is the Founder of The Authorpreneur Accelerator, which helps people of influence deepen their impact through published books and transformative programs. She is a recurring TV Host— her most recent work on The Blend – a talk show focused on the health of black women in America. And she’s been featured as an expert voice on ABC News, as well as Women’s Health, VICE, Propel Women, Relevant Magazine, among others.

Wendell Moss, LMHC, is a therapist, minister, and educator. Wendell serves as a part of the instructional staff at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology where he received his Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Wendell practices as a therapist in the Seattle area. Wendell is fiercely committed to engaging the impact of sexual abuse and racial trauma. Wendell loves to create contexts of healing especially for African American men.

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