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Audacity to Thrive

On a phone call with our CJ team we were trying to grasp what the scriptures say to us as leaders of color about flourishing. Our creative director Jon Aragón mentioned a poem his wife and author
Quina Aragón mentioned the “audacity to thrive”. Quina’s words sparked imagination and hope in us all that was electric. It was as if all of the dizziness from the past two years stopped for a minute.  Think on this description: 

Audacity to Thrive 

It is to rise: flourish: prosper: expand: grow: develop: progress. 

It is to realize a goal despite our circumstances. 

Many of us are still trying to find our footing in a world that still hasn’t adjusted. We need to make sure that we are intentionally creating space to grow, prevail, and flourish. Our deep ancestral longing to flourish must be cultivated and cared for to fearlessly blossom like a flower pushing through the concrete. 

To move ahead, we need to look back. American Western values are oriented towards the present and future, but most indigenous and majority world cultures build toward the future with the past in mind. 

The gift of space gives us time to:

  • Restore your soul
  • Reflect on your year
  • Reorient your vision
  • Rise into your passion

We haven’t stopped dreaming. We are here not just to survive but to show the world that the Lord has given us a daring audacity to thrive! Join us as we rise into 2022.

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