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Lent is the opportune season to confront injustice as we contemplate Christ’s suffering together. Through this season of Lent, we will be going through a six-week journey of repentance, lament, worship, and healing. You are invited to join us as we go through A Just Passion A Six-Week Lenten Journey 

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Our Week Five invitation to RISK is inspired by Christina Edmonson’s excerpt originally in Faithful Antiracism.


Take a moment to breathe, then pray with your breath. 

Inhale: Your will and kingdom

Exhale: On earth as in heaven. 


We are surrounded by a great cloud of truth tellers who have shown us what it means to trust the Great Spirit. So let us lay to the side everything that weighs us down and the broken ways that so easily wrap around our legs to trip us. And let us run as if we are in a long-distance race, setting a steady pace and heading toward the goal. 

This means we must keep our eyes on Creator Sets Free (Jesus), the trailblazer of our spiritual ways, the one who was first to reach the end of the trail. The joy that lay before him gave him the strength to suffer on the cross and willingly bear its shame. He now sits at Creator’s right hand in the place of greatest honor. Hebrews 12:1-2 First Nations Version


Jesus took an enormous risk by pointing out how the powerful religious leaders in his day were leading people away from God’s will. In fact, soon after he made those comments, the religious leaders played a central role in having him arrested and crucified. But that did not stop Jesus from taking a stand for what he knew was correct.  

  1. How does Jesus’ willingness to risk his life for the flourishing of others inform your understanding of God?  
  2. For what things are you willing to risk your comfort and security?
  3. Who are the “truth tellers” who have shown you a way towards Justice?

Practice: Risks can be taken in the safety of community. Draw (or visualize) the community that surrounds you as you take risks on behalf of those who are most marginalized. Thank God for those people.


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Christina Edmondson, author of Faithful Antiracism, is an organizational consultant on ethics, equity, and Christian leadership. She is the cohost of the Truth’s Table podcast.

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