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Migration is global. Migration is historical. Migration is biblical

The story of scripture is the story of displaced people, and how God called those same people to welcome the stranger because they too were once strangers in need of compassion. Global history also reminds us that migration impacts everyone, though it disproportionately affects those who are marginalized. 

None of us can follow the news and miss that millions are displaced because of natural disasters, poverty, war, violence, and genocide. Whether newly implemented laws in Europe with closed doors toward refugees, asylum seekers lost at sea, or aggressive anti-immigrant sentiment at our own borders, migrants are vulnerable. 

Immigrant Made

Immigrant Made focuses on mutuality with migrants. During this series, we will elevate stories of immigrants and the generations that follow. These stories are vital to understanding the very real experience of migration. Putting our faith into action is not optional but a mandate from our Creator. We know this is not always easy or clear. That is why we will also reveal to people ways they can advocate for their migrant neighbors.

Our world is Immigrant Made  

Today, over 108 million people around the world have been forced to leave their home country because of persecution, violence, conflict, or other fears for their livelihood. Our global community is made up of migrants who have been forced to move for various reasons. Their lives and experiences are a gift to new places they will call home. And in countries like Japan and Hungry that are experiencing population decline.

We are Immigrant Made 

We will elevate stories of immigrants, educate on immigration, and expose you to policies that need change in the U.S. We invite you into this important dialogue that involves more of God’s people than we think. All of our communities of color are impacted by migration and the way we learn, discuss, and advocate needs to be informed more holistically. The path forward requires us to lean in on a compassion rooted in Jesus that implores us to move.

Each of our countries has its own history. Ask questions about your own context:

  • Who was here before and where are they now?
  • How did colonialism and imperialism design injustice?
  • Who created our country’s borders? 
  • What about those who were forcibly moved (trafficked)?
  • How is power currently distributed and why?
  • How do those in power relate to immigrants?
  • How is immigration racialized?
  • What influences of migration can be seen in the culture?
  • What does it look like for marginalized people to practice welcome?
  • What can we learn spiritually from immigrants?

A Nation of Immigrants?

There is a false narrative that the United States of America is a country of immigrants. We do not buy into a story that purposely omits entire community groups. Settlers committed genocide and colonized our native siblings. For centuries, our African American siblings were trafficked and enslaved. Some Mexicans came to be American via a border moving over them. This is a painful and mixed history. And it is into that history that millions have migrated.

Join us on IG @chasingjustice_ as we continue to learn what it means to be Immigrant Made.

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