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Lent is the opportune season to confront injustice as we contemplate Christ’s suffering together. Through this season of Lent, we will be going through a six-week journey of repentance, lament, worship, and healing. You are invited to join us as we go through A Just Passion A Six-Week Lenten Journey 

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This week’s lenten invitation to ABUNDANCE is inspired by Donna Barber’s excerpt originally in Bread for the Resistance.


Take a moment to breathe, then pray with your breath. 

Inhale: God is able

Exhale: To make all grace abound


“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8


“If we attempt to give to others out of our own supply, our generosity can quickly deteriorate into paternalism, or become tainted by the impure motives of power and control, or weighted with the expectation of reciprocity. No, we must give out of the resources of heaven that we access when we enter the quiet space of worship and prayer—the holy of holies. There, as we stand before the throne of his greatness, we remember the truth. Then we can open our empty hands, heart, and mind before him and be filled.

When we begin at empty, we are forced to work from God’s supply, according to his timetable and at his pace. We are more often unseen and may go unappreciated, but we are seldom burned out. Instead we are emptied again and again, forced to return to our source to be refilled of his grace and power, and sustained by his infinite love. When we first give our whole selves to him without coercion, then our sacrifices, no matter how great or how many, seem quite small.”

  1. What are the things you fill yourself with when you are empty? 
  2. What keeps you from seeing God’s supply as abundance? 
  3. What practices help you to receive from God?


Stand up and reach your arms in the air in a U shape. 

Visualize all that you have filled your life with that causes even greater emptiness. Open your arms down to your waist and dump them out. Reach your arms into the U again and visualize all the things you want God to pour into you.


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Donna Barber is the author of Bread for the Resistance and cofounder of The Voices Project, an organization that influences culture through leaders of color.

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